Squishy robot changes color for camouflage

Harvard researchers have developed a soft-bodied robot, based on a starfish, that can camouflage itself when required - or color itself brightly.

Soft robot inches along like a worm

MIT's created a robot that crawls along the ground like an earthworm by contracting and expanding segments of its body.

Video: SAMI robot uses Kinect tech

I've always been more than a little wary of humanoid robots, probably because of Saturn 3 and Hector's penchant for wearing people's faces.

Robotic legs move just like yours

US researchers have built what they say is the first set of robotic legs that walk just like a human being.

Robot eye moves like the real thing

Robotics engineers have replicated the muscle motion of the human eye to control camera systems more effectively.

Dancing robot DJ to launch next year

Georgia Tech engineers have built a 'musical companion', and say it could be putting wedding DJs out of work by the end of next year.

Robot baby learns first words

The best way for robots to learn language could be the same way small children do - through interaction with adults.

Robot mimics cockroach's vanishing act

Cockroaches are famed for the way they can skitter away and disappear before you get a chance to whack them.

Video: Robbie, the DARPA ARM robot

Robbie the robot was created by a company known as RE2. The 'bot was originally equipped with only one arm, but under DARPA's auspices, Robbie has evolved exponentially.

Video: Clothbot creeps up your clothing

It might seem somewhat odd, but ever since I came across Hector from Saturn 3, robots have routinely creeped me out. Even supposedly cute ones like Johnny 5 and Wall-E have done little to lessen my aversion.

Tetraplegic uses thoughts to pour coffee

Using thought alone, a paralyzed woman has been able to move a robotic arm to serve herself coffee for the first time in 15 years.

Living micro-robot could diagnose disease

Biologists and engineers are working on a tiny robot that functions like a living creature and could be safely used within the human body to diagnose disease.

Video: Gladiator robots get in the ring

Years ago, I used to watch Robot Wars with my son, and enjoyed seeing the 'bots fight it out with saw blades and hammers.

Video: iRobot goes to war

iRobot has released a video showcasing the military capabilities of its 110 FirstLook robot.

Video: DARPA’s Cheetah robot sets new speed record

Ground robots are currently deployed by the US military in various explosive-ordinance-disposal missions.

'Pied piper' robot could lead fish away from harm

It may not look particularly appealing to the likes of you or me, but the robot fish shown above is so cool that real ones will follow its lead.

'DNA robot' makes cancer self-destruct

Harvard researchers have created a tiny  'DNA robot' that can seek out and destroy specific cells - including cancer cells.

Robot artist sketches portraits

Even the most dedicated techie can have an artistic streak - and that includes robots. And at CeBIT in Hanover next month, delegates are being offered the chance to have their portrait drawn by an industrial robot.

Robot is based on leaping lizards

Biologists and engineers at the University of California, Berkeley, are working on leaping robots based on dinosaurs and lizards.

Starfish robot shimmies through tight spaces

Harvard University engineers have built a limbo-dancing robot that can squeeze under obstacles in its path for search and rescue missions.