Video: Advanced algorithm teaches robots to improvise

When a robot performs an action, it is typically scripted and very precise.

iCub robot learns language like baby

A team working with the iCub humanoid robot says it can now understand what is being said to it and even anticipate the end of a sentence.

Methane explosions power these soft jumping robots

Harvard researchers are currently devleoping "soft robots" that are capable of performing all sorts of functions robots made out of rigid materials, such as metal, are unable to do.

Cloudrobot fighters bring Real Steel beat-downs in mini

If you grew up in the 80's, odds are you probably remember the Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots - little red and blue plastic robots with manual handles and buttons.

Check out this moth as it drives robot car

Give a moth a robot car, and it'll use it to cruise the streets for a female, Japanese scientists have discovered. Using a small, two-wheeled robot, a male silkmoth was able to track down the sex pheromone usually given off by a female mate.

Robotic fish glides almost indefinitely

Michigan State University scientists say their latest robot fish can glide almost forever, using little to no energy, while gathering data on water quality.

Video: Pentagon's robotic pack mule follows orders

For years, DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has heavily invested in the development of robots for various military missions.   

Slick 3D printed robot makes Optimius Prime jealous

I'm sure I wasn't the only child growing up in the 80s who wished he could own an actual robot like one of the Transformers.

Scientists develop 'deceptive' robots based on squirrel behaviour

Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created robots capable of deceptive behaviour based on distraction techniques observed in squirrels. 

Quadruped robot to investigate Fukushima plant

Toshiba has developed a four-legged robot that - at some point - will be used to explore Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear reactor - still basically a no-go area more than a year and a half after the accident.

Video: Arduino-powered robot tags walls

We've definitely come across some strange robots over the years designed to perform all sorts of interesting and unusual tasks.

Flying robot navigates for itself

Cornell researchers have created an autonomous flying robot that they say can maneuver around obstacles as efficiently as a bird.

Video: Military rescue robot navigates the hazards

The Pentagon has spent untold billions of dollars on research and development related to the advancement of robotics over the past few decades.

Robot 'pack mule' follows soldiers' orders

DARPA’s been showing off two robotic 'pack mule' prototypes developed as part of its Legged Squad Support System (LS3) program.

Cheetah robot runs faster than Usain Bolt [video]

Even the world's fastest man can't outrun DARPA's latest robot, which has now been clocked at 28.3 miles per hour.

Robot-run solar tracking could tilt power up, costs down

Everyone knows that big solar arrays that can track the sun will deliver more power than fixed-tilt systems.

Robot navigates using whiskers alone

A new robot can follow a moving target around without any optical sensors - or, indeed, any sensing technology at all apart from whiskers.

iRobot unveils robot with inflatable manipulating arm

Personally, I think robots are great, as I can't wait until I can have one that will keep my house clean and my lawn mowed.

Robotic hand can re-attach its own fingers

Sandia National Laboratories has built a robotic hand designed for disarming improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, that's so flexible it can even repair itself.

Video: Robotic dry eraser crawls on a whiteboard like a spider

We all know that geeks often design something overly complicated to perform a simple task - yet such creations inevitably end up looking so cool that we just can't help but admire them.