Is From Dusk Til Dawn Worth a Damn?

Last year, it was announced that Robert Rodriguez was doing a series version of From Dusk Til Dawn, and while the movie was pretty lame, it actually has potential for a series. We also like the fact that it’s being aimed straight at the Latin market by being on the El Rey network, which was launched by Rodriguez himself. (Rodriguez also wrote and directed the pilot episode.)

The Ridiculousness of Machete Kills in Space

As much as I love B movies and grindhouse flicks, I always thought the whole Machete thing was pretty silly, and I’m glad Robert Rodriguez won’t be wasting his time on it anymore, because Machete Kills tanked at the box office. Or will Machete one day return?

From Dusk Till Dawn TV Show About to See the Light of Day

There’s a lot of great horror, sci-fi and fantasy on TV these days, but how about a genre show with some Latin flavor? In fact, Latin horror’s been a big thing this year with the success of the movie Mama, and a Latin Paranormal Activity movie will also be coming soon. 

Wozniak Machete game runs into trouble

Last year on TG we discussed an upcoming iOS game app that tied in to an upcoming movie: Danny Trejo’s Vengeance.

The stench of 4D isn't going away

Be careful not to say bad things out loud because they may happen. That's the old superstition anyways, and I hope I didn't cause it happen when I joked about 4D, or what used to be called Smell-O-Vision.

Yes, Robert Rodriguez is bringing Smell-O-Vision back

When we last took a look back at the...ah...cinematic innovation known as Smell-O-Vision, it was supposed to be all in fun.