The Walking Dead: There will be (lots) of blood

This is a great time to be a genre TV fan. Game of Thrones is about to return, and The Walking Dead is ready to end its third season.

From The Walking Dead to demonic possession

The Walking Dead is still going like gangbusters, and wherever the zombie trend goes this year, the show should still stand strong for some time to come.

Will the Walking Dead trace the outbreak?

As long time readers of TG know, we’re not crazy about movies and TV shows that explain every little thing for the audience.

The unstoppable Walking Dead

The Walking Dead had an enormous season debut last week that broke major TV records, and the show is still holding steady.

Walking Dead... The magazine?!

Zombies or not, The Walking Dead has been a big revelation on television, especially in a day and age when there's infinitely better writing on TV and cable than in movies.