What I Learned By Being Almost Killed By A Facebook Rave

This was the revelation that soaked into my brain after nearly getting kicked to death as a result of an illegal Facebook Rave last weekend.   I’ve since looked into this a bit more and apparently this kind of thing happens a lot.

The fun of renting an exotic car, the pain of owning one

Last weekend I took out Club Sportiva’s Lamborghini Gallardo Spider for a spin. This is an older 2007 car which comes with a little technology pain, but damn if it wasn’t a ton of fun to drive.  

The sad story of the perfect media center

I recently attended Demo 2012 and one of the best products at the show was also the saddest - the Delta DVR Media Center from Amulet Devices.

Intel preps Clover Trail SoCs for Win8 tablets

Intel is hoping to claim significant tablet market share with its dual-core x86 Clover Trail SoCs - which could power a new generation of Windows 8 devices.

Is Motorola getting ready to ditch Android?

Motorola is reportedly developing a web-based mobile operating system as a "possible alternative" to Google's Android.

Is the iPhone 4 just eye candy?

The iPhone 4 is one tricked out device. But can a slick display, faster processor and longer battery life help keep Android-powered smartphones at bay?

Marvell Imagines the 10 Gigabit Digital Home and I Meet Stan Lee

I flew down to Hollywood last Tuesday to attend the Marvell AVANTA launch. 

Can Palm save itself from irrelevance?

Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein has outlined a new strategy to buoy sinking sales of its smartphone line.

The Dell Mini 5 vs. the Apple iPad

I’ve been using the Dell Mini 5 for a number of weeks now in stealth mode. I also carry the Kindle DX which has a similar sized screen to the iPad and think Apple may have guessed wrong on this product.