GigSky gives you free broadband in over 70 countries

The GigSky international SIM card comes with 10 MB of free mobile broadband service the first time travelers land in any of the countries that GigSkye covers.

Carriers open up networks in wake of hurricane

AT&T and T-Mobile are opening their New York and New Jersey networks to each other's users to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Cable firms promise free Wifi roaming

Five cable companies have teamed up to open their Wifi networks to each other's subscribers.

EU promises lower roaming charges

European regulators have struck a deal which should see the cost of using a cellphone abroad drop dramatically.

'Outrageous' EU roaming prices to fall

The EU has announced measures to try and cut the high cost of data roaming within Europe.

Personal base station eliminates roaming costs

A Google-backed startup in the UK has launched a personal femtocell which allows travelers to make and receive calls without paying roaming charges.

EU caps roaming prices to prevent shock bills

Horrific mobile roaming bills should be a thing of the past in Europe, thanks to a new cap on charges.