Tesla Model S arrives with big hopes riding on it

It's been nearly four years in the making but it's finally arrived.

Is Tesla bricking controversy really a big deal?

Tesla Motors is said to be working furiously behind the scenes to stem the tide of what's either a potentially devastating issue with their battery systems, or simply some very angry people.

The bricks of Tesla's battery packs

There are currently many factors working against electric vehicles that effectively prevent them from going mainstream.

Morgan Roadster design gets an electric makeover

British auto maker Morgan is not well known outside a (very wealthy) circle of hardcore European car fans and in the United States.

Tesla showcases Model X SUV

Tesla certainly makes some of the coolest electric vehicles out there on the roads today.

Finally! An electric sports car under $375,000

The German-based PG has teamed up with designer Michael Fröhlich to present the PG-Elektrus, a mean-looking, black matte two-seater with enough carbon fiber and composite to construct a stealth fighter.

Tesla sues Top Gear over Roadster 'lies'

Tesla is suing the BBC over a Top Gear program two years ago that it says falsely maligned its Roadster electric car.