Truckjackers steal 5000 Blackberry Playbooks

Apparently there's a group of criminals who weren't skilled enough to nab a bunch of iPads.

RIM pushes back new Blackberry platform

If you needed to see another nail in Research in Motion's coffin, how about news that the company is delaying its big software upgrade?

Android takes 53% of US smartphone market

The NPD Group has confirmed that Google's mobile Android operating system managed to claim more than half of the U.S. smartphone market in 2011.

RIM ordered not to use 'BBX' moniker

As if Research in Motion needed any more bad news, it has just been ordered by a judge not to use the name "BBX" because it already belongs to another trademark owner.

All is not well at RIM

Research in Motion (RIM) has confirmed that lackluster PlayBook tablet sales forced the company to take a $485 million charge.

RIM executives caught drunk on a plane

Two high-ranking employees at Research in Motion forced a China-bound flight to be diverted to Vancouver where they were forced off the plane and charged with criminal conduct.

We're not tapping your data, carriers insist

Carriers are piling in to insist that they're not snaffling user data by using Carrier IQ's tracking software.

Hackers jailbreak PlayBook

Three hackers say they've been able to crack Research In Motion's much-vaunted security to run unauthorized applications on the PlayBook tablet.

RIM courts Apple, iPhone owners with security software

Research in Motion is slowly beginning to adjust its mobile strategy to a motto of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

Two new Blackberries generate little hype

Research in Motion has just unveiled two new phones powered by its latest Blackberry 7 software, but unlike Android and iPhone announcements these days, we're left wondering "Who cares?"

Windows Phone wins over Blackberry devs

For the first time, developers are more interested in creating apps for Windows Phone than Blackberry, a further punch in the gut to the fledgling Research in Motion smartphone line.

Google pulls Gmail Blackberry app

Google will end support for the Blackberry version of its Gmail app, a decision that is yet another blow to the once dominant business-centric phone brand.

Playbook still not selling after price cuts

Despite slashing prices by at least $200 in the US, Research in Motion is having trouble convincing people to buy its flagship Blackberry tablet.

Blackberry outage sparks consumer lawsuits

The massive Blackberry outage earlier this month that left millions without mobile service for days is now the subject of a sweeping lawsuit.

Playbook OS update delayed to 2012

The firmware update that will bring many features to the Blackberry Playbook that critics say should have been included in the first place, has been delayed to next year.

70% of enterprise Blackberry users don't want to switch

The majority of people who own a company Blackberry may not have the desire or ability to switch to an iPhone or Android phone, but there's a growing group that does.

RIM faces trademark dispute over BBX name

Just a couple of days after announcing its new BBX platform for smartphones and tablets, Research In Motion is facing a legal threat over the name.

BlackBerry announces new BBX OS

Research In Motion's announced its next operating platform for the BlackBerry, BBX, which it hopes will help it fight off competition from Apple and Android - and perhaps distract attention from last week's massive service outage.

RIM offers free apps as apology for outage

Research in Motion is trying to make good after last week's Blackberry outage gave yet another sting to the fledgling smartphone brand.

Chain message circulates among BlackBerry users as service outage subsides

Research In Motion says it's got most non-North American users back online in Europe, although many are still having trouble with web access.