The iPhone overtakes RIM in Canada

Research in Motion's Blackberry brand is now struggling to be the leader in the company's home market of Canada.

RIM, Samsung sued... over emoticons

Well, they must have thought, why not? Everybody else is suing left right and center, why shouldn't we?

RIM says Blackberry apps are on the way

Research in Motion is the white elephant in the Mobile World Congress room this week, but it's there to assure that its time is far from over.

Blackberry Playbook 2.0 OS is now live

Research in Motion has just launched what it hopes will be a jolt to its fledgling Playbook tablet device.

RIM says Blackberry apps are popular

We're not sure if this is RIM toting its usual "nothing's wrong" attitude or just a new strategy to encourage people to stay with the Blackberry brand.

Android developers get free Playbooks

The Playbook has been so underwhelming that some have quipped that Research in Motion "couldn't even give them away."

New Blackberry picture leaked

This is what the next generation of Blackberry smartphones will apparently look like.

RIM will no longer combine CEO and chairman position

2012 will be one of Research in Motion's most challenging years yet, but it's already making structural changes that will help bring the Blackberry brand back to prominence.

Former RIM CEO buys $50 million in RIM stock

Mike Lazaridis may no longer be one of the front men at Research in Motion but he's still as ardent as ever in his belief that it can thrive in an iPhone and Android world.

RIM RIP? How Heins can help save the company

RIM got a new CEO this week, yet it is still quite easy to write the corporation off.

RIM replaces top management

After continuing pressure from shareholders, RIM co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis have stepped down, to be replaced by chief operating officer Thorsten Heins.

Samsung strongly denies RIM buyout rumors

Samsung is vehemently denying a report that claimed it considered an acquisition proposal to buy struggling mobile company Research in Motion.

Two new Blackberry Playbooks in 2012

Although the flagship Playbook tablet has been a commercial flop, RIM wants to keep the brand alive.

In-Porsche concept uses QNX

Research in Motion is looking at new ways to stay relevant in a world where there's little room for Blackberry phones.

Playbook update revealed, but no one cares

Research in Motion chose CES to be the launching pad for the new version of its Playbook tablet OS.

Samsung smartphone brand awareness explodes

A new survey shows that consumers are starting to rally around Samsung when it comes to thinking about their next smartphone.

Mass Playbook price cut underscores RIM trouble

Every single Playbook model, from the 16 GB version to the one with 64 GB, are now officially priced at $299.

Android reigns supreme in 2011

Google's wildly popular mobile Android operating system claimed 46.9% of the smartphone market from September-November 2011 - up 3.1 percentage points from the prior three-month period. 

Volkswagen limits employee Blackberry access

Volkswagen has taken the radical step of telling its employees that when they're off the clock, they can't check in on work stuff.

Tech titans reportedly mull RIM bids

There have apparently been a few major companies that have voiced interest in acquiring fledgling Blackberry maker Research in Motion.