ARM-based Rikomagic MK902 LE runs Linux

The UK-based Clousto recently began selling the Rikomagic MK902 LE, a small set-top box 
powered by an ARM-based Rockchip quad-core processor (Cortex-A9) paired with 2GB of RAM and up to 16GB of storage. 

MK902 is Rikomagic's Android set-top box

Rikomagic is perhaps best known for its popular lineup of Android MK802 HDMI TV dongles (PC-on-a-stick).

Rikomagic goes Linux with Picuntu

Mobile enthusiasts already know about Rikomagic's MK802 III (Rockchip RK3066) and MK802 IV (RK3188) HDMI TV sticks, both of which run Google's wildly popular Android Jelly Bean.

Android Jelly Bean-powered Rikomagic MK802 IV packs a quad-core processor

The stalwart MK802 is an Android-powered PC-on-a-stick designed to plug directly into the back of a TV.

This Rikomagic ARM netbook runs Android & Linux

The Allwinner A10 chipset - which features an ARM Cortex-A8 processor - currently powers a number of Android devices, including the MK802 PC on a stick, the ZaReason tablet and Hackberry A10 dev board.