"You keep what you kill, Riddick!"

New footage on show now in a new featurette for Riddick. The movie is out on September 6. Juices flowing? Check. Bad ass bald dude being bad ass? Check.

First Riddick trailer is here

Sci-fi action actor Vin Diesel and director David Twohy have posted the first trailer for the upcoming Riddick film.

Aliens and bounty hunters hunt fugitive Riddick

Universal Pictures has kicked off principal photography for Riddick, an action-oriented sci-fi thriller.

Starbuck is back for new Riddick film

We reported back in August that a third Chronicles of Riddick film was in development, which initially appeared to have stalled in the casting phase.

Casting begins for Riddick finale

Pitch Black was never meant to be a trilogy, but the success of the film spurred on a franchise of stories, including a cartoon sequel which took place immediately after the film, and a less direct sequel which took place back in civilization.