The Incredible Shrinking Man to return

The Incredible Shrinking Man is one of the best sci-fi film stories of the fifties, as it was penned by one of the best storytellers in the genre, Richard Matheson.

Keeping a sci-fi legend alive

We recently confirmed that there will be plenty of Philip K. Dick adaptations made in the near future, and its certainly great to see the author's legacy continuing some thirty years after his death.

All the genre films that could have been...

Richard Matheson, the legendary author of I Am Legend and Somewhere in Time, once told me if you took all the un-made scripts in Hollywood, well, they would probably pile up to the moon.

The real steel legends of Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson - author of the sci-fi Legend - hit his 86th birthday on February 20.

The dystopian worlds of Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is one of the most influential modern day writers, with his wondrous imagination influencing numerous sci-fi and genre stories.

The legend of Real Steel's Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson is one of the top sci-fi, fantasy and horror storytellers around. 

More TV terror fun

A lot of times when you write something and turn it in, you immediately think of a bunch of ideas you should have included.