Google still promoting pirate sites, says stroppy RIAA

Record labels are accusing Google of continuing to promote pirate sites to the top of search results, despite commitments from the company that it wouldn't do so.

The pirates of Angry Birds

The vigor with which the RIAA chases after those accused of pirating music has made the organization one the most reviled on the planet.

Unplugging: ISPs wage war against music piracy

When was the last time you illegally downloaded music or movies? You may not remember, but there could be some watching who will. Hey, don’t look at us . . . MXDWN is just the messenger!

RIAA declares war against Torrents

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is sharpening its fetid claws as it prepares to do battle with BitTorrent sites.

Former RIAA lobbyist targets "pirates" from U.S. District Court bench

U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell has introduced a landmark verdict making it easier for copyright holders to demand cash payment from people they suspect of copyright infringement.

RIAA threatens ICANN over domain names

The Recording Industry Association of America has turned its sights on ICANN, the body responsible for managing domain names.

File sharing site fights for legitimacy on Capitol Hill

"Don't hate the player, hate the game," is the message being transferred to Washington by file hosting website Rapidshare. 

Feds step up war against digital piracy

When U.S. Vice President Joe Biden declared war against digital piracy earlier this year, he obviously wasn't joking.

Limewire to close legal business too

Just weeks after closing down its file-sharing site after a four-year legal battle, Limewire has announced that it is shutting its legal online store too.

Court awards $1.5 million in music piracy case

Minnesota woman Jammie Thomas-Rassett has been ordered by yet another court to pay the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) for illegally downloading songs, this time being told she must stump up $1.5 million.

LimeWire squeezed out of existence

File-sharing site LimeWire has finally thrown in the towel and has closed down, following a ruling from a New York judge.

Cyber activist says DDoS attacks will continue

A cyber activist belonging to the "Anonymous" organization says digital freedom fighters will continue DDoS-based assaults against anti-piracy advocates. 

Cyber protestors nuke MPAA and RIAA websites

A seething mass of angry cyber protestors recently deployed Low Orbit Ion Cannons (LOIC) against the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and Aiplex Software.

More publishers circle in on LimeWire for the kill

Following last month's ruling that LimeWire was guilty of copyright infringement, a group of eight music publishers has sued the file-sharing service.

LimeWire defeated in RIAA copyright case

A US District Court has ruled that file-sharing software supplier LimeWire has been inducing copyright infringement, in a decision that could see the end of the company.

MPIAA, RIAA call for draconian new anti-piracy measures

Movie companies and recording companies are calling for spyware to be installed on all computers to detect and delete pirated material.