Logitech Revue gets Google TV update

Let's file this one under too little, too late.

Logitech steps away from Google TV

Despite offering the most affordable way for consumers to get Google TV, the Logitech Revue set-top box will go down as a thing of the past.

Logitech insists Revue production remains on track

Logitech has denied reports that Google asked it to halt production of the Revue box until pending software "issues" were addressed.

Google may have told Logitech to stop the Revue

Google really isn't happy with its TV operating system. In addition to telling companies not to mention their Google TV products at CES next month, now it looks like the search company is actively stopping production on a device that's already been released.

Logitech Revue torn down and dissected

Well, that didn't take long! Yes, the Google-powered Logitech Revue was unceremoniously torn down and dissected over the weekend by the talented folks at iFixit. Want to see what's inside?

Google TV is here, it’s here!

Google recently introduced its long-awaited, long speculated about TV. Unlike the little devices like the Orb, Roku, or AppleTV, GoogleTV returns to the set-top box model and it’s based on Chrome as an interface.

Logitech Revue vs. Cisco UMI: The historic problem with home video conferencing

The only thing Logitech's Revue and Cisco's UMI have in common is that they both do HD video conferencing and use the same Google service and so can talk to each other. 

Logitech debuts Google TV set-top box

W00t! Get ready to place your pre-orders, because Logitech is offering a sleek Google TV set-top box dubbed the "Revue."