Revolution gets a full series order

While the initial reviews weren’t stellar across the board, Revolution, the new series from JJ Abrams, has been racking up fairly decent ratings since the series debuted three weeks ago.

Post-apocalyptic Revolution has a big debut

Revolution is one of three trillion shows and movies JJ Abrams has in development, and you’ve almost certainly seen the ubiquitous promos for it by now.

Is JJ Abram's Revolution going to make it?

It was a great idea when I first heard about it, and like a lot of genre stories, it begins with a great, "What if?" idea.

The genre projects of JJ Abrams

It seems like every time you turn around there is a new JJ Abrams project in development.

Video: The beginning of Revolution

NBC has released the pilot for its upcoming dystopian adventure serial by veteran genre filmmaker J.J. Abrams.

Revolution preview crashes nearby

NBC and Warner Bros. Television have released a preview  for its upcoming dystopian adventure serial.

Jon Favreau talks Revolution

By now you've probably seen the teaser commercials for Revolution, the new show by JJ Abrams that's slated to debut on September 17. 

Jon Favreau talks Iron Man

Jon Favreau first came on the scene with the comedy Swingers, and he's transitioned well into directing with such films as Elf, Zathura, and of course, the first Iron Man film. 

Revolution trailer turns off the lights

NBC and Warner Bros. Television have released a trailer for their upcoming dystopian adventure serial Revolution.

Fox cancels Alcatraz

Revolution - yet another JJ Abrams inspired series - recently received the green light for a season at NBC.

JJ Abrams Revolution picked up for broadcast

NBC has ordered a season of the J.J. Abrams created sci-fi drama.

On Robocop and Revolution

Recently, rumors were running rampant that Russell Crowe was up for the lead in the remake of Robocop.

Revolution picks up serious talent at the top

Recently, NBC announced that it had picked up Revolution, a new series from Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and popular film and television producer J. J. Abrams.

NBC drains our energy with Revolution

We've certainly been hearing a lot of interesting news lately about genre pilots, and it looks like this fall will find television audiences awash in science fiction/fantasy programs.

JJ Abrams clinches new sci-fi show

It seems like every time I turn around JJ Abrams has a new project set up. 

LG Revolution comes with Netflix pre-installed

LG is launching the first Android phone with Netflix support out of the box.

Egyptian man names daughter "Facebook"

Sometimes it seems like Facebook and Twitter are nothing more than sites designed for updating exactly what you ate for lunch. But recently, the social networking sites have proved themselves far more useful, helping to fuel political change in both Egypt and Tunisia.

Analysis: Internet “Kill Switch” Bill won’t die

Remember Senator “Shady” Joe Lieberman’s (I-Conn) Internet “Kill Switch” Bill? It appears that Lieberman and friends are preparing to trot out the unpopular bill for another attempt to initiate a government power grab. 

Ray Bradbury doesn't like Obama or e-readers

Acclaimed science fiction writer Ray Bradbury says he is mad at president Barack Obama.