Revolution is Back...Will Audiences Be?

The last several years have been a remarkable time for genre TV with shows like Revolution, SHIELD, and Under the Dome. Revolution especially came on strong, but later in the year it faltered after going on a brief hiatus. So now that the show is back, will its audience come back to it as well?

Fear the Future: Bret Michaels to Appear on Revolution

What’s even scarier than the world losing all its power? The fact that there’s still hair band musicians in the future, which is why the news that Bret Michaels will star on Revolution is really scary. 

Can Revolution Bounce Back From Its Ratings Slump?

Revolution, the NBC series where the world loses all power, was a ratings powerhouse when it debuted this year, and one of the biggest hits the network has had in years. But after a hiatus, the show’s ratings have taken a dive, and we at TGD are definitely watching to see if it can recover.

Sleepy Hollow Going Strong, But Is Revolution In Trouble?

It’s been a great year for genre TV, and as a long time horror fan, I’m especially ecstatic to see it making a big return to the small screen. In this regard, not only is the new series Sleepy Hollow a hit, it’s also officially the first hit show of the fall season.

Can suburbia help kick-off a greentech revolution?

There’s an line of thinking that’s been going on for a long time that the suburbs of a city are about as environmentally unfriendly as you can get, particularly given the unchecked sprawl and cookie-cutter tract housing so common across the US. Is it possible though, at least as far as the relationship between renewable energy and electric vehicles go, that the suburbs could be the ideal green locale?

Under the Dome is a DVR Ratings Winner

Genre TV has never been hotter. Not only is Game of Thrones a cultural phenomenon, but The Walking Dead is going like gangbusters, and Under the Dome, based on the Stephen King novel, is now officially a ratings hit. Like Game of Thrones, Under the Dome is also a ratings hit for viewers watching the CBS show later on DVR.

The Last of Us is a Big Hit With Gamers

Sine the world was supposed to end last year, we’ve been in love with Armageddon. Actually, we’ve loved it long before then, but these days it seems the public can’t get enough of the world coming to an end, and how the survivors try to make their way through what’s left.

Revolution, and genre TV, are still holding strong

For a second there, it looked like Revolution might be in trouble. The NBC show had just returned after a hiatus, and the ratings were good, then it took a dip its second episode back.

Revolution is back strong

Just when the show Revolution was really hitting its stride, it went on hiatus. A scenario like this would probably be a disaster for many shows, just like moving around a time slot would end up losing your audience as well.

Revolution set to return

Since it first debuted on NBC last September, Revolution has been a big success, and it was a great idea for a show. For many genre classics, like I Am Legend, the launching point usually begins with two simple words: "What if…"

Second Revolution webisode is here

The JJ Abrams helmed Revolution was the big surprise hit of 2012, and its ratings have remained relatively steady since its debut last September.

DVR boosts new genre show ratings

Oh the magic of TiVo, VoD and DVR. Remember the old days when if you wanted to watch a show? You had to make sure you were in front of a TV or you’d miss it.

First Revolution webisode is here

The JJ Abrams show Revolution was the big surprise hit of last year, and its ratings have stayed steady since it debuted last September.

Revolution trailer stops the flow

NBC has released a trailer for the second half of the first season of Revolution.

Revolution to return in March, Fringe ends this January

JJ Abrams is always busy. In addition to Star Trek Into Darkness, which hits theaters on May 17, his new hit series Revolution will be returning on March 25, while Fringe will also finally be wrapping up on January 18.

Led Zeppelin's Revolution soundtrack

Metallica has always been famously picky about who licenses its music. Paradise Lost, the documentary about the West Memphis Three, was the first time the band ever allowed its music to be used in a film.

Fringe's finale and Revolution's hiatus

It’s been an interesting week of news for Fringe and Revolution. Both are JJ Abrams shows and fans of Fringe knew the end was nigh.

The secrets of Revolution

While the JJ Abrams show Revolution debuted to mixed reviews, it is definitely a ratings winner, and received the full series order very quickly after holding steady in the Nielsens for several weeks.

Yes, Revolution is still going strong

The Fall TV season got off to a big bang with The Walking Dead, and its third season debut is reportedly the most viewed basic cable broadcast in history.

The state of genre television - Fall 2012

Last year at this time it seemed like we were entering a 'golden age' of genre television. How did that hold up?