George Lucas's Red Tails is finally here!

Red Tails, which George Lucas has promised will be his last film before retiring, is finally here. The verdict?

The numbers of Person of Interest

We’re halfway through the first season of Person of Interest, a CBS science fiction crime drama which follows the story of a man who is recruited to help stop crime predicted by a prescient machine.

Don’t miss The Fades on BBC America this weekend

BBC America will begin airing the six-episode first season of The Fades on the evening of January 14, 2012.

The long-lived girl of Fatale #1

The new Image title is off to a fantastic start.

The proton packs of Ghostbusters #4

In the fall of 2011, IDW Comics kicked off a new line of Ghostbusters comics, starting from Issue #1 in September. Issue #4 hit store shelves in December.

The natives of Star Trek #3

The third issue of IDW’s ongoing comic line Star Trek hit store shelves this month. The new line is based on the 2009 J.J. Abrams film, and follows the adventures of the new version of the Enterprise crew in an attempt to connect the first movie with the upcoming sequel.

On Kevin Smith and The Bionic Man

The fifth issue of The Bionic Man was released this month by Dynamite Entertainment. The new adaptation is written and scripted by none other than iconic filmmaker Kevin Smith.

The clues and masts of The Adventures of Tintin

This adaptation of the classic comic book hits all the right markers, as the overture of the film captures the spirit and sorry of the original comic perfectly.

The battlegrounds of Terra Nova

The first season of Fox’s prehistoric thriller, Terra Nova, is over after 11 episodes - which technically numbered 13 due to the two double episodes which framed the season. 

The horse-drawn chaingun of All Star Western #3

Three issues in, and Jonah Hex is helping me understand why some people like Westerns so much.

The black blood of The Hammer Vault

In the 1950’s, horror cinema was still in its infancy, and at the top of that game was Hammer Films.

The gambit of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

The second film in the new Sherlock Holmes franchise is hitting theaters this weekend.

The control issues of Blue Beetle #3

A classic super hero tale in a chitinous husk.

The children of Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising

Transformers Prime is the current incarnation of the franchise on television. The story begins with Darkness Rising, a CGI animated pilot film which establishes the series conflict.

The secret sketches of Terra Nova

I enjoyed Terra Nova right from the start. A lot of cash has been poured into the sci-fi series, and it really shows in all the right places. The sets are beautiful, the characters interesting, and the effects outstanding.

The alternates of Fringe

The second half of season four of Fringe picks back up in January, having left us in a period of dramatic tension among the characters.

The bad parents of The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle is clearly not free of the trappings associated with your typical teen drama series.

The disguises of The Adventures of Tintin: Season One

With the new Adventures of Tintin film being released soon in the States, Shout! Factory has released a new collection of the classic Tintin cartoon serial. The first season is out now.

The avatars of Stormwatch #3

Stormwatch is another title from the New 52 which has become quite an interesting tale - now that the comic is hitting its third issue.

The Bloodbath of Red Lanterns #3

One of the most ignoble protagonists in the entire DC universe is Atrocious, the leader of the Red Lanterns, who have their own line in the New 52.