The accordion legs of Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror is the first of two Snow White adaptations which will grace our silver screens this year. This is the lighter of the two, and from the trailers, it looked far too light, on the point of absurd.

The shankings of Alcatraz

The first, rather short, season of Alcatraz has come to a cliff-hanging close. Has the big-mystery series shanked itself with the season finale?

The aim and song of The Hunger Games

Based on the novel of the same name, this young adult fantasy film is jarring and powerful. It captures the feel of Suzanne Collins’ novel well, even if it doesn’t strictly follow the path.

The queen of The Three Musketeers Blu-ray

The new Three Musketeers film was one of my favorites in the theater last year. With great action scenes, impressive sets, engaging CGI elements, especially the intro, the film is a fun and visually outstanding adventure.

Tales from Development Hell fleshes out the non-existent

Tales from Development Hell: The Greatest Movies Never Made? tells the stories of some of the most involved film development processes in the industry.

Hunger Games ticket sales and reviews are on fire

I've heard stories about movies that were so big on opening day that theaters would actually keep screenings going twenty four hours to satisfy demand.

The telegraphing of John Carter

The new film, based on the classic Burroughs novel, A Princess of Mars, is everything it claims to be and more.

Journey 3 in development

Despite a poor plot and even worse execution, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island has somehow managed to make itself a financial success.

The familiar faces of The Infinite

The Infinite was recently canceled after only four issues, and didn't even make a full story arc. Sales were poor and the line went almost unnoticed critically. It now wallows in uncertainty, perhaps never to be picked back-up.

The missions of The Lorax

The Lorax film is based on the Doctor Seuss fantasy poem book by the same name.

John Carter reviews are finally here

John Carter has been one of the biggest gambles in recent Hollywood memory, with a huge budget, and much speculation whether it can find an audience or not. 

The big bugs and busts of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Journey 2 is the sequel to the Brendan Fraser film Journey to the Center of the Earth, and it’s actually pretty terrible.

This Archetype is dystopian sci-fi

The fact that effects and talent at this skill level can be found for the tiny budget of an independent studio is outstanding, and makes one wonder why Hollywood is still spending hundreds of millions of dollars per film.

The monsters and dolls of The River

The River premiered this past Tuesday on ABC with a two-part opening episode.

The flight and current of Chronicle

Chronicle is the first film this year I was genuinely looking forward to seeing in the theater.

The silence and power of Touch

Last week saw the first episode of Touch aired in a special event on Fox. The remainder of the show will begin in a couple of months, but we’ve already gotten a taste of the story with this first episode, and it’s impressive.

The new pieces of Real Steel on Blu-ray

Touchstone Entertainment has just released Real Steel on Blu-ray.

The fated arrivals of Batman: Year One

Last fall, Warner Bros. published an animated adaptation of Batman: Year One, the graphic novel on which Batman Begins was partially based, and the current canon origin story for The Bat.

The broken past of Alcatraz

This past week, Fox premiered Alcatraz - the new J.J. Abrams series - with a double episode evening.

The anger and war of Transformers: Autocracy #1

Transformers: Autocracy is a one shot, twelve part comic book series from IDW, based on the wildly popular Transformers franchise.