Tablet app revenue to outpace smartphones by 2018

​Tablet apps remain on track to generate a whopping $8.8 billion in revenue in 2013, compared to the $16.4 billion projected for smartphone apps.

Facebook reports jump in mobile ad revenue

Facebook appears to be succeeding in its push into mobile advertising, with mobile ads accounting for nearly a quarter of its overall ad revenue.

Mobile app revenue set to break $30 billion

To-date revenues accumulated by the global mobile application market remains on track to break the $30 billion milestone by the end of 2012.

HP accuses Autonomy of lying about its performance

When HP took over Autonomy last year, the $11.1 billion price tag seemed high; but it was reasonable, said HP, given Autonomy's marvellous performance.

Google search ads pull in the best customers

Google search advertising costs around 80 cents a click - but brings in $10 per click, say researchers.

ARM is on a mobile RISC roll

ARM has reported an 18% increase in Q2 revenue ($192 million total), as the UK-based company effectively doubled the number of licenses sold for smartphones and tablets during the first half of 2011.

Apple continues to dominate mobile app market

Apple - which continues to dominate the mobile app market - generated a cool $1.8 billion in app revenue during 2010, giving Cupertino a lucrative 82.7% share. 

Still, Apple did lose significant ground, as its market share decreased from a high of 92.8% in 2009.

Leaked documents show biggest AdWords spenders

A leaked document has shown how much big brands are spending on Google AdWords - and Apple and its products are the biggest drivers.

Microsoft claims Xbox 360 "technically" ready for 3D

Microsoft has claimed that its Xbox 360 console is "technically" ready for 3D-enabled content.