What makes the MacBook Pro Retina Haswell special

The rumor is that MacBook Pro with the Intel Haswell processor will be released October 15, shortly followed by the general release of OS X 10.9 Maverick. The combination is supposed to give you greater power efficiency, hence battery life. It could also replace your aging MacBook Air.

Apple iPad with Retina display upgraded to 128GB

After a day of rumors about a new Apple device with mega-storage capabilities, Cupertino has confirmed that it is rolling out a 128GB version of the fourth generation iPad with Retina display.

$240 Onda Android tablet has a retina display

The Android-powered Onda V972 is a $240 9.7-inch tablet with a retina display.

New Skype version adds Retina support

The latest iteration of Skype's software has just been released, for both Mac and Windows.

Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro gets a Retina display

Apple introduced its 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro back in June, leaving Mac fans wondering when the 13-inch iteration of the wildly popular ‘Book would get the same Retina treatment. 

High-res Android tablets ship for under $300

One of the primary differences between low-cost Android tablets designed in China and Apple's flagship iPad is the resolution capabilities of the display.

Apple’s revamped MacBook Pro boasts a Retina display

Apple unveiled its next-generation MacBook Pro at the Worldwide Developers Conference today in San Francisco. 

Is Apple prepping Retina display MacBooks?

Apple's slick new iPad boasts an eye-popping Retina display that MacBook owners can only envy from afar - at least for now. 

Fortunately, all of that might change sooner rather than later.

Netflix updates iPad app for Retina support

The official Netflix app on the iPad has just been given a big makeover.

Apple debuts third-gen iPad

Apple debuted its long-awaited, third generation iPad at an event this morning in San Francisco.

iPad 3 debuts on March 7 in San Francisco

Apple has sent out official invites for a media event that will be held next Wednesday, March 7, in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

Leaked photo is reportedly of iPad 3 display

A leaked picture is claiming to show what will be the much-hyped Retina Display for the next iteration of Apple's iPad.

Next-gen display for iPad 3 may face production issues

Apple wants to dazzle your mind - and your eyes - when it introduces the iPad 3 some time next year, but the question is whether its component suppliers are up to the task.

Apple aims to corner retina display technology

Apple recently confirmed that it is allocating approximately $4 billion dollars for "inventory component prepayments and capital expenditures." Analysts are betting the cash will be spent on revamped display technology and in particular, retina display technology.

Rumor: Apple iPad 2 launch imminent

Digg Founder Kevin Rose has consulted his ancient Palantír and determined that Apple will reveal its long-awaited iPad 2 over the next few weeks.

iPad 2 to add new features

The next generation iPad will boast two cameras, a new display and a USB port, according to a leading Taiwanese newspaper.

The iPhone 4 Glass Busted

The iPhone 4 was released into the wild, only to find itself amidst a host of avid fans and critics. Maybe it doesn't matter that it had problems. Maybe that's part of the plan.

Apple redefines mobile experience with iPhone 4

Apple has redefined the mobile experience with its next-gen iPhone 4. The sleek device - which is only 9.3mm thick - features a 960x640 display and an 800:1 contrast ratio.