Resident Evil 6 hits theaters in 2014

Resident Evil movies many not be the most beloved films in the world, even by video game movie standards.

Is Resident Evil 6 critic proof?

Resident Evil 6 finally saw the light of day on October 6, and while the first review called it “an unforgettable experience,” subsequent reviews were somewhat less-than-stellar.

The disappointments of Resident Evil 6

The first reviews of Resident Evil 6 went live last week, with some publications claiming the game was “an unforgettable experience.”

Resident Evil 6 PS3 patch on the way

Capcom is working on a fix to Resident Evil 6.

Resident Evil 6 is nearly here

The zombie phenomenon has clearly exceeded all expectations of the gaming industry.

Check out the $1500 edition of Resident Evil 6

This is for the truly die-hard fans.

Resident Evil 6 horror trailer is captivating

Capcom is showcasing its long-awaited Resident Evil 6 (RE6) trailer at Captivate 2012.

Hype begins for Resident Evil 6

Details of the newest entry in the Resident Evil franchise have begun to come forward.