Republicans get serious about climate change

In a recent survey of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents conducted by the Center for Climate Change Communication (4C) at George Mason University, a majority of respondents (62 percent) said they feel America should take steps to address climate change.

Yes, Republicans wanted a Reagan hologram

We recently discussed the possibility of resurrecting celebrities and politicians in the form of larger than life holograms.

Administration not backing off on military biofuels

The Republican-led House won't like this – another play by the Obama administration to boost biofuel use by the US military.

Hands off our biofuels, Panetta tells Congress

In yet another Washington fight over energy policy, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta pushed back Wednesday against Congressional efforts to curtail the military push into alternative fuels.

Americans cool on global warming action

Public support in the US for government action on climate change has fallen over the last two years, thanks to political rhetoric and a bit of cold weather.

Yes, clean energy is a bipartisan issue

It's a commonly held belief that certain political parties are more pro-green than others, but the truth is far more complicated than that, according to a new ORC International survey conducted for the nonprofit and nonpartisan Civil Society Institute (CSI). 

On energy and environment, Americans want it all

A new poll from Gallup shows the American public generally backing a comprehensive - and perhaps contradictory - array of methods for resolving energy and environmental issues.

Are Republicans our wind power saviors?

The production tax credit (PTC) for renewable energy didn't shrivel up and blow away when Congress failed to include an extension with tax legislation passed earlier this month. 

Big government science gets a reprieve

A year of threats from the House had thousands expecting budget cuts as deep as 20 percent by those determined to drown government science in the bathwater. 

Solyndra subpoena draws White House rebuff

The subpoena for Solyndra documents that House Republicans approved on Thursday was swiftly rejected by the White House on Friday.

Aerospace industry says it is "disturbed" by Obama

The Aerospace Industries Association says it is quite "disturbed" by President Obama's recent remarks about business aviation.

Democrats blogged more than Republicans in election year

Democrats used political blogs more than Republicans in the run-up to the last presidential election, but the Republicans were more aggressive, says a professor at the University of Arkansas.

Republicans must think knowledge grows on trees

I have long believed that the USA is a profoundly anti-intellectual country, in spite of America’s (paradoxical) belief in its technological and intellectual superiority over the rest of the world.

Raging Republicans attack and beat MoveOn activist

A frenzied crowd of raging Republicans were caught on video attacking and beating a MoveOn activist at a Rand Paul rally.  

Net neutrality deal collapses

A last attempt at a compromise on net neutrality has come to nothing, with the chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Henry Waxman, saying he's been unable to drum up any support from Republicans.

Republicans 'kicking butt' in social media

The Rebublicans are set to win in the November mid-term elections, if their Facebook and Twitter presence is to be believed.