Prominent Republican slams SOPA

A prominent Republican has joined the growing ranks of those opposing the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) currently circulating amongst legislators.

Republican Tea Party leader arrested for computer piracy

A heavyweight for the political Tea Party movement in the south has most likely just crippled his potential political future.

WikiLeaks gives Republicans the finger

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has harshly criticized calls by the Republican chairman of the House Homeland Security committee to enforce an embargo against the controversial organization.

Senator blames Obama for tepid WikiLeaks response

A Republican senator is angry at the Obama administration for its allegedly lackluster and tardy response to WikiLeaks.

Raging Republican wants over-eager TSA agents shipped to Mexican border

The incoming chairman of the Republican Governors Association recently proposed transferring over-eager TSA agents to the Mexican border.

Tech industry gives Obama the cold shoulder

The US tech industry is reportedly very unhappy with President Barack Obama and his controversial economic policies.

Dems ready to drop "Google Bomb" on Republican foes

Democratic activists are readying a deadly "Google bomb" to sully the online reputation of Republican Congressional candidates.

Dems blush as Krystal Ball sex pics hit the ‘Net

Krystal Ball, a Democratic candidate for Congress in Virginia, says she is both "embarrassed" and "angry" that a Republican blogger posted sexually explicit pictures of her on the Internet. Warning: Definitely NSFW.

Crazy small-town Republican candidate becomes Youtube star

John Davison gave a speech for his candidacy for Stark County Treasurer in Ohio in front of just 100 people, but now more than three quarters of a million people have watched it online.