US East Coast set for severe sea level rise

Sea level rises are accelerating along parts of the US East Coast as much as four times faster than the average for the rest of the world.

Internet traffic to quadruple in next four years

The web is getting busier and busier, says Cisco, with the amount of traffic in 2016 set to hit 1.3 zettabytes – that's a trillion gigabytes to you and me.

TV towers killing millions of birds

Almost seven million birds are killed by communications towers every year as they migrate from the United States and Canada to Central and South America.

Street View engineer told managers about collecting payload data

Google has released a full version of the FCC's report into its gathering of personal data with Street View cars - revealing that the 'rogue engineer' who gathered the data told colleagues that he was doing so.

Loss of hypersonic glider explained

The loss of the Falcon HTV-2 hypersonic aircraft last summer was caused by the vehicle's skin peeling away, DARPA has revealed.

FTC urges tighter privacy rules

The FTC is calling for tighter online privacy rules, saying that if companies don't voluntarily introduce a 'do not track' facility, it'll do it for them.

Child porn pages disguised as legitimate sites

A report from British watchdog Internet Watch Foundation says that pedophiles are successfully disguising websites to hide their illegal content.

Hacktivists stealing more data than cyberthieves

Hacktivists such as Anonymous will be pleased to hear that they're the biggest security threat to govermnents and companies, accounting for well over half the 174 million user records stolen last year.

Teens now text 60 times a day

The average teenager is now almost twice as likely to message on social networks as to socialise face to face, and is sending or receiving 60 texts a day.

'Hyperconnected' young people may suffer fragmented lives

Today's teenagers could suffer all their lives from the effects of their 'hyperconnected' lifestyles, say a panel of experts surveyed by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

FCC to block LightSquared network

The FCC is set to ban LightSquared from going ahead with its proposed national wireless broadband network, following a government report concluding that it would interfere with navigation gear.

Apple admits more labor violations at overseas factories

Apple has admitted that more than a third of its suppliers are failing to comply with its rules on working hours - and that the situation's been getting worse.

Mobile attacks on the rise, says McAfee

Mobile malware's set to rocket, according to security firm McAfee's 2012 Threat Predictions report, while the Anonymous hacking group may be on its way out.

Kids safer from online sexual predators

Fewer children are being exposed to unwanted sexual approaches and porn online - probably thanks to publicity and improvements in social networks' privacy policies, a new report finds.

Chimps exempted from almost all medical research

The US has significantly tightened its rules on the use of chimpanzees in medical research, ruling it out except for cases in which there's no other valid testing method.

A quarter of Europeans have never used the internet

More than 100 million adults on the EU have never surfed the web, new European Union statistics show.

Spam levels fall, but targeted attacks on the rise

The amount of spam winging its way into our inboxes has fallen to its lowest level in three years - although it still accounts for seven out of ten emails, says Symantec.

Carbon emissions reach record high

Global carbon emissions have hit a record 10 billion tons, rising by 49 per cent in the last two decades.

Greenhouse gases continue to rise, says NOAA

The NOAA's latest Annual Greenhouse Gas Index (AGGI) shows that the presence of gases such as carbon dioxide and methane has risen by 29 percent since 1990.

Climate disasters costing billions in health costs

Extreme weather events over the last ten years have cost the US over $14 billion in health costs alone, researchers have calculated.