Report: Eye-tracking could replace passwords if made user-friendly

It’s a wonder we still put up with passwords. We forget our highly secretive combinations, so we frequently have them reset and sent to our cellphones and alternative email addresses. We come up with clever jumbles of letters and words, only to mess up the order. We sit there on the login screen, desperately punching in a code we should know by heart.

Claim: Twitter can't replaces newswires

News agencies continue to have an edge over Twitter in being first with the news, a study found.

Can graphene supercapacitors replace traditional batteries?

If these UCLA researchers are right – and we might find out pretty soon – energy storage could be in for a big change.

Can this Android desktop replace your PC?

Motorola has rolled out an Android-powered desktop in China - complete with an 18.5-inch LED touchscreen (1366x768 @ 60Hz, 16:9), keyboard and mouse.

Jobs says tablets won't "completely" replace PCs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has opined that the iPad and other tablet devices "won't completely" replace traditional laptops and PCs.