Moving to 100% renewables - is it possible?

Mark Jacobson, the Stanford professor who specializes in designing scenarios for a massive transition to renewable energy, is at it again – in a more high-profile way than ever.

Report: Natural gas caused CA grid alert

Conservation groups pointed to last week’s shortage-induced grid alert in California as one more reason to back off on natural gas and go harder with renewables.

Yes, renewables are slowly gaining ground in the US

Americans used less energy in 2012 than they did in 2011, and the energy they did use was more likely to come from cleaner sources than it used to, as natural gas, solar and wind made gains and coal declined.

New CO2 cost estimate gives renewables an edge

It's the wild card in the renewables vs. fossil fuels debate: What price to put on carbon dioxide, which exacts social costs that escape capture by the free market?

Is Big Oil really serious about renewables?

On Chevron's website there is a green mission statement.

Renewables will bring golden age of free energy

Most people understand that once solar panels are paid off, the energy they provide is free. But what about on a national level? 

Army looks to private sector on renewables

Facing rising fuel prices and energy security challenges, the U.S. Army has committed to meeting a quarter of its energy needs with renewable resources by 2025, and to achieving net zero energy use by 2030. 

Are renewables edging out coal & nuclear?

With recent news indicating that both solar and wind power generation is on the the rise and looking stronger every year, it might be natural to wonder if renewable energy is dethroning fossil-fuel based electricity production. 

Will renewables overtake fossils by 2030?

Developing economies such as China, Russia, India and Brazil currently account for around 50 percent of the world's energy consumption.