Organic mega flow battery promises breakthrough for renewable energy

team of Harvard scientists and engineers has demonstrated a new type of battery that could fundamentally transform the way electricity is stored on the grid, making power from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar far more economical and reliable.

Obama touts renewable energy commitment

There’s no national renewable portfolio standard for the whole of the United States of America, but the U.S. government has one, sort of, and President Obama is upping the ante on it.

Renewable energy from scarred land

The potential for renewable energy to yield climate-change benefits is enormous – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t potentially negative environmental impacts from wind and solar (and all the rest) that need to part of the discussion.

Obama outlines renewable energy goals

The takeaway from President Obama’s climate change plan [PDF] from a renewable energy perspective: He’ll push for more.

How to make hydrogen on the cheap

There are many challenges to achieving the dreamed-about hydrogen economy, but one of them – the ability to make hydrogen from water cheaply and at scale – could be a little closer to being overcome. If it indeed is, renewable energy could become a whole lot more economical.

These rotating solar islands track the sun

Manmade islands for the production of renewable energy – they’re all the rage, suddenly.

Warning: New SimCity will take over your life

If you’re one of those who found the old SimCity video game addictive, brace yourself.

Green military of the future - friend or foe?

Looking into a crystal ball it's hard to bet against the possibility that the coming decades will be the era of the great renewable energy revolution.

Researchers eye space-based solar power

Solar power collected in space could ultimately be tapped to provide the renewable energy of the future.

Geothermal steams forward, under the radar

Geothermal has long been touted as the only stable form of renewable energy because it produces constant 24-hour energy from hot rocks deep underneath the ground.

Water world floated as sustainable refuge

From eVolo’s 2012 competition comes a floating city designed to serve as a refuge for those who survive some unimaginable apocalypse of nature, a final war, or whatever coup the end days might bring.

Are Republicans our wind power saviors?

The production tax credit (PTC) for renewable energy didn't shrivel up and blow away when Congress failed to include an extension with tax legislation passed earlier this month. 

Google joins ranks of green power elite

Two giants of technology – Google and Ingram Micro – have been recognized as giants of renewable energy under the Environmental Protection Agency‘s (EPA) Green Power Partnership.

Rooftop solar could be a hydrogen producer

Researchers are always looking for the next big breakthrough in renewable energy technologies. 

Renewable energy production passes nuclear

Renewable energy production in the United States has surpassed the production of nuclear power for the first time, a government study reports.

Team finds simple way to split hydrogen from water

Splitting water to create renewable energy could be simpler than previously thought, says an international team led by Australia's Monash University.

Report: Stimulus funds help renewables

Just how well has the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) done in increasing the nation's renewable energy capacity? 

According to SBI Energy's new report, "ARRA Report Card: Two Years Later," the U.S. is making significant progress toward attaining the Obama administration's goal of doubling renewable generation capacity in the country over the next two years.

New type of solar cells could even work at night

Researchers in the potato state of Idaho say that they’ve developed a new kind of solar cell that can produce electricity even at night, promising to create a new form of renewable energy.

Philly Eagles go for clean energy sack

We've certainly seen sports leagues play ball with solar power before, but a stadium design recently unveiled by the Philadelphia Eagles is promising to score a clean energy touchdown to top all others.

Facebook tells Greenpeace: 'We're just as green as you'

Facebook has told Greenpeace to get its own house in order, after the environmental campaigning group criticized the company for using non-renewable sources to power its new data center.