Navy looks for one remote control to rule them all

The US Navy has had enough of having shedloads of remote controls to run all its weapons and wants to develop a universal remote so it does not have to keep looking down the back of the sofa every time it wants to unleash a particular type of missile.

Palm-size MeCam drone streams video to your smartphone

When hearing the phrase "surveillance drone," most people probably think of large-scale unmanned flying aircraft deployed by the military or federal government.

Slick 3D printed robot makes Optimius Prime jealous

I'm sure I wasn't the only child growing up in the 80s who wished he could own an actual robot like one of the Transformers.

Sega Rally arcade cabinet controls RC cars using Arduino

If you're a true child of the 80s and spent time at the arcade, well, you probably remember classic driving games such as Sega Rally.

One Apple remote to control them all

Will the iPad Mini feature game-changing TV remote functionality? One analyst thinks it might.

Inventor of the remote control passes away at 96

There are more than a few modern devices I don't think I can live without, including the DVR.

This car can be driven by remote control

One of the most memorable Hollywood scenes of a remote-controlled car was featured in the James Bond flick "Tomorrow Never Dies" where Pierce Brosnan played 007.

Mitsubishi offers remote-control test drives

Mitsubishi's planning to let couch potatoes test drive its new 4x4 without leaving the house.

Microsoft: Project Natal to save the world from button overload

A Microsoft spokesperson has claimed that Natal will eventually replace the "multitude" of buttons and remote control devices in living rooms throughout the world.