We Are What We Are

This could be the best cannibal movie since Silence of the Lambs. We kid you not. Okay, so the trailer has us hooked, but if the movie is half as good, we can put to rest the horror that was The Hills Have Eyes remake and enjoy our census takers with fava beans and nice bottle of Chianti.

Godzilla's Big Return

The last time there was an American version of Godzilla in 1998, it was complete crapola, so we’re hoping the next attempt, which is shooting right now for Legendary Pictures, will be much better. The next Godzilla is due next year, and the big green guy was certainly a topic of interest at Comic Con last weekend. 

Now Disney wants to reboot The Rocketeer

One of my favorite movies from the '90s is the Disney flick The Rocketeer directed by Joe Johnston.

Please, don’t remake Suspiria

As a long time horror film buff, I absolutely loved Suspiria. 

Released in 1977, Suspiria is director Dario Argento’s masterpiece.

Behind the Carrie remake

A while back I read something about Carrie being rebooted, but the story had already been remade for television and the stage, so I didn’t pay much attention to the report.

Some thoughts on the Day of the Triffids remake

The Day of the Triffids was both a classic sci-fi novel and movie that dealt with killer plants, or at least what seemed to resemble killer plants from outer space. 

The horror of a Maniac remake

If anyone wanted to start a website that exclusively covered bad genre remake news, well, they’d never be out of business.