Friendster to delete user info as part of site overhaul

Ancient social gaming network Friendster is planning a relaunch, and is warning users that all their content will be deleted at the end of May as a result.

MySpace hemorrhages users after entertainment relaunch

MySpace lost an extraordinary ten million users in the space of just a month, according to figures from ComScore.

Facebook puts friends on the spot with relaunch of Questions

Just how knowledgeable are your friends? Because Facebook's relaunching its Questions Q&A site to give more prominence to information from friends, and less to answers from the general public.

Myspace relaunches with entertainment focus

In a final attempt to claw users back from Facebook, Myspace has redesigned its website and says it plans to focus on its core user base of teenagers and young adults.

Microsoft launches browser-based games store

Microsoft's planning to relaunch Games for Windows Marketplace next month, adding non-Live games and allowing gamers to download products directly from their browser.

Mozilla runs Fennec Firefox on Android

Mozilla developer Vladimir Vukićević has successfully ported (Fennec) Firefox to Google's Android mobile operating system.