Xbox One fallout - Don Mattrick bids Microsoft adieu

Yesterday, Zynga confirmed that Don Mattrick had been appointed CEO of the company after leaving Microsoft's Xbox One division. Mattrick's departure comes just weeks after the Redmond reversed a number of unpopular and controversial Xbox One policies.

Hon Hai signs up with Microsoft over patents

Hon Hai, parent company of electronics maker Foxconn, has signed a deal with Microsoft that will allow it to legally produce devices with Android and Chrome OS patents - the cash going to Redmond for each device.

WinTel tablet paradigm stalls

A joint effort by Microsoft and Intel to challenge Apple's wildly popular iPad in the highly lucrative tablet market seems to have gotten off to a very slow start.

Analyst: Microsoft's magic bullet is Windows RT

Mobile computing - currently dominated by tablets such as Apple's wildly popular iPad - is essentially a two-horse race of devices powered by Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

Microsoft admits Surface tablet debacle

PC vendors - including Hewlett Packard (HP) - are up in arms over Redmond's recent decision to enter the lucrative tablet market with its indigenously designed Surface devices.

Analyst: Microsoft faces uphill tablet battle

Redmond may have high hopes for its Surface tablet, but analysts at ABI Research believe Microsoft is likely to face an uphill battle as it attempts to challenge Apple's wildly popular iPad. 

Microsoft showcases Windows 8 Surface tablets

Microsoft showcased a new lineup of slick Windows 8 powered "Surface" tablets at an event today in Hollywood, California.

Intel details Windows 8 tablet specs

The lucrative tablet market is currently dominated by Apple’s ARM-powered iPad. However, the advent of Windows 8 is likely to usher in a new era of x86-based devices.

Report: Microsoft wants its own Windows 8 tablet

Microsoft is reportedly mulling over the possibility of launching its very own Windows 8 tablet.

TG Daily overrun by rabid Microsoft fanbois

It seems as if TG Daily has been overrun by hordes of rabid Microsoft fanbois who are seething over a recent Windows Phone 7 article.

Microsoft tries to get serious about mobile gaming

The folks at Redmond want you to know that they are serious about mobile gaming. No, don't snicker - it's true and besides, we can hear you.

Russian spy found working at Microsoft

A man believed to be a twelfth Russian spy was discovered and deported yesterday, leaving Microsoft short of one software tester.