Facebook newsfeed redesign set for launch today

Facebook's expected to announce a major redesign later today, bringing multiple news feeds arranged by category.

Yahoo revamps itself with site redesign

Yahoo's glory days have long since past, with the site playing second fiddle to Google for years now.

Cupertino downplays redesigned Apple TV reports

Cupertino has downplayed reports that its upcoming Apple-branded set-top box will feature a revamped design paired with new hardware and UI.

Google+ revamped - but developers not happy

Google has tweaked its Google+ social network, claiming it's now more functional and flexible - but has riled developers by failing to give them any warning.

Report: Next-gen iPhone to feature sleek redesign

Apple’s next-gen iPhone will reportedly feature a sleek new redesign in the form of a single unibody frame.

Twitter redesigns to take on Facebook

Twitter's had a major redesign, aimed at making it faster, easier to navigate - and more attractive to advertisers.

Google revamps search bar

After redesigning the Gmail and Reader interfaces, Google's now turned its attention to Search.

Why I don’t really HATE Facebook’s redesign

Another day, another Facebook redesign, and cries of "I hate it!" and "Facebook, you totally wrecked my whole, like, you know, LIFE," are flooding the web. 

'Apple Store 2.0' debuts

Apple yesterday revamped its retail stores worldwide, introducing iPad 2s next to all its products to give customers more information.

Zuckerberg announces redesigned profile pages

Facebook's revamped its profile pages, highlighting personal information, including more photos and pushing both to the top of the page.

Myspace relaunches with entertainment focus

In a final attempt to claw users back from Facebook, Myspace has redesigned its website and says it plans to focus on its core user base of teenagers and young adults.

Digg users dump site after controversial redesign

Digg's controversial redesign has apparently led to a mass exodus from the once popular site.

Twitter splits screen for redesign

Twitter's had its first major revamp in four years, splitting the screen into two panes to display more information such as photos and videos.

Google lets users take their news more personally

Well, now we know why Google News wasn't, well, very new for four hours on Tuesday: the company had frozen the site to implement a new redesign aimed at making it more personalized.

Apple unveils redesigned Mac mini

It may not have the glamor of the iPad, but the Mac mini has had a little makeover. It's got that little bit closer to size zero, for a start, and is now just an inch and a half thick.

Yelp rejigs site to counter extortion claims

Yelp is attempting to sidestep criticism of its business review service with an overhaul of its website.

YouTube gets refreshed

It's social media makeover week! Just a couple days ago, Twitter totally revamped its home page and now YouTube has completely rebuilt the design of its landing site and video playback interface.

Twitter finally revamps home page

After 4 years of failing to convey its message to first-time Twitter users, the micro-blogging site has refreshed its home page that now does a better job of showing what Twitter is all about.