In memory of Aaron Swartz

We just reported on the tragic death of Aaron Swartz, who took his life at the age of 26. Swartz co-created RSS when he was fourteen, and founded a company that eventually merged with Reddit.

A brilliant tech wizard meets a sad end

One would think the world of technology wouldn’t have the kind of darkness we would see in say, the entertainment business, or in many regular walks of life.

Leap second crashes high-profile websites

The addition of a 'leap second' to universal clock time on Saturday caused havoc on the web over the weekend - despite the fact that there was plenty of warning.

Man plays Civilization II for 10 years

So what happens when you play the same game for 10 years straight?

Amazon cloud outage takes down Reddit and Quora

A failure affecting Amazon's EC2 service in northern Virginia has downed a number of prominent sites, including Reddit and Quora.

Digg users dump site after controversial redesign

Digg's controversial redesign has apparently led to a mass exodus from the once popular site.

Digg home page hijacked by angry users

Digg users annoyed at the recent changes to the site have managed to flood the home page with links from rival Reddit.

Reddit challenges Conde Nast, runs pro-pot ads for free

Social news site Reddit has rejected calls from parent company Conde Nast to stop carrying ads in favour of the legalization of cannabis, and has vowed to run them for free.