Lucas & Red Tails clinch NAACP best picture award

After many years of tending the Star Wars empire, George Lucas finally came back with a new, original story, Red Tails in 2012.

Has George Lucas lost his touch?

It's hard to believe that Red Tails, the long-awaited new film from George Lucas, already hit theaters a month ago. 

Is Red Tails soaring to box office glory?

George Lucas’s passion project for over twenty years, Red Tails, finally hit theaters on January 20.

Is Old Republic the most expensive video game ever?

With the long-awaited Red Tails finally hitting theaters and George Lucas announcing (threatening?) his retirement, it's obviously a big turning point in the history of Star Wars.

Is George Lucas really done?

Anybody who's followed the life and career of George Lucas knows that as optimistic as American Grafitti and Star Wars are, he's got a fairly pessimistic world view.

George Lucas's Red Tails is finally here!

Red Tails, which George Lucas has promised will be his last film before retiring, is finally here. The verdict?

Lucas’s Red Tails is almost here!

Red Tails - one of the first new non-Star Wars movies from George Lucas - has taken a while to hit theaters, mostly because of reshoots done by the veteran producer/director himself.

About that girl with the dragon tattoo

Right about the beginning or middle of November you usually see a lot of news about the upcoming winter movie schedule. This year, there are a lot promising movies for genre fans and lovers of film alike.

George Lucas finally has a new story to tell

After the mega-phenomenon of Star Wars, George Lucas has often complained about being imprisoned by the series.