Water-soluble circuit boards could revolutionize e-waste recycling

Things labeled "just add water" are usually highly-processed foods and novelty bath tub toys, but new research from the UK’s National Physical Laboratory may change all of that.

CRT recycling challenge offers cash

What is the most economically and environmentally sound way to recycle cathode ray tube (CRT) glass used in older televisions?

Children given lead poisoning by battery industry

Battery recycling plants in the developing world are leaving local children with dangerous levels of lead in their bodies.

Eco awesomeness: The cardboard vacuum cleaner

I used to like to make pretend things out of cardboard when I was child. But I never thought they’d really be making things out of cardboard when I was an adult.

E-waste recycling is risk to human health

Open-air e-waste dismantling sites should be banned, say researchers, as new evidence shows they pollute the atmosphere and could have a significant effect on human health.

Flat eco skyscraper preserves landscape

Recently, we brought you the first place winner of this year's eVolo Magazine Skyscraper Competition, the LO2P Recycling Skycraper from Atelier CMJN of France. 

Phone recycling machines set to appear on street corners

How many old phones and other gadgets do you have sitting around at the back of a drawer? You could soon turn them into instant ready cash - and incidentally help the planet - simply by dropping them into a slot.

New technology can recycle all plastics

As we stand in our living rooms looking at the mountain of Christmas packaging around us, it's good to hear about a new technique claimed to allow 100 percent of plastics to be recycled.

Next-gen eco home feeds the grid

Researchers at the University of Stuttgart in Berlin have designed a next-gen, "grid-positive" residence that is completely encased in glass.

Electrolux aims to clean up the oceans (a little bit)

Elextrolux is attempting to bolster its green credentials by hauling a team on a global journey - to save six vacuum cleaners' worth of plastic.

LCD television waste could fight hospital infections

Chemists at the University of York have discovered a way of recycling waste from LCD televisions to make a substance that combats hospital infections.

Boat built from soda bottles prepares to set sail

A boat built from 12,000 plastic bottles it to set sail this month, with the aim of crossing the Pacific Ocean.

E-waste set to rocket, says UN

Developing countries are in danger of disappearing under a mountain of e-waste, according to UN experts.