Mitsubishi in massive EV recall

Mitsubishi Motors, in what looks to be one of the largest electric vehicle recalls ever, plans to bring 14,700 vehicles back to the shop in a worldwide move to fix a braking issue.

Sony halts Experia sales over manufacturing defect

Sony has suspended sales of its Android-based Experia Tablet S, after discovering a manufacturing flaw.

Fisker to replace battery packs on 640 Karma sedans

I happen to think the Fisker Karma hybrid is one of the sleekest green cars to ever hit the streets. The car will haul four people in style - when it works.

Apple to replace overheating iPod Nanos

Apple's admitted that some of its iPod Nanos have been overheating, and is offering users replacements.

HP recalls yet more batteries

Oopsidaisy: HP has realized that it's been using dodgy batteries in a whole load more notebook PCs, and has issued another recall.

Chevy in Cruze SNAFU as steering wheel just falls off

Apparently, the scene where a driver loses control and, in a panic, pulls the steering wheel off the car isn’t just a Hollywood invention.

Toshiba recalls laptops over meltdown fears

Another day, another bonfire. Toshiba has become the latest company to recall a product over fears of overheating.

Garmin recalls GPS units over battery fire fears

Garmin is recalling more than a million Nuvi navigation devices over fears that they could overheat and cause a fire.

Is Apple Losing it?

The iPhone 4 problems, when it comes to new phones, are hardly new to Apple or to any vendor.  Yes the phones are crashing, yes the battery life of some suck (try the 4G Evo), and yes the antenna design was a really bad idea in hindsight.

Apple offers repairs for faulty Time Capsule devices

Apple probably wishes it could go back in time and fix this problem: some customers who bought a Time Capsule, a device that was supposed to provide safe data backup, now find themselves with a 3.5-pound paperweight.

Sony recalls half a million laptops over burn risk

Sony is recalling 535,000 Vaio laptops over fears that they may overheat so badly they could cause burns to the skin.

HP recalls 54,000 Lithium-ion notebook batteries

The US CPSC puts customers of HP and Compaq notebooks on notice adding to 70,000 batteries previously recalled last May.

Half a million laptop power adapters recalled

Faulty wiring on the Targus Universal power adapter for laptops considered a burn hazard. Editors stop working just in case.