Manned Mars mission wins initial funding

Dutch company Mars-One says it's won enough sponsorship money to create a reality TV show which it hopes will in turn fund a manned trip to Mars.

James Cameron to produce Robogeddon

James Cameron - of Avatar and Titanic fame - is helping to create a new robot fighting show for the Discovery Channel.

Jersey Shore and the blight of reality TV

I have to preface this story by saying I'm obviously biased. I'm not a fan of reality TV, and have been holding my head in pain over it for years. 

Failed Russian spy Anna Chapman cashes in

What happens when you hit the headlines for being exposed as a deep-cover operative in the United States? You get a reality show, of course.

Indie game developers push for reality TV show

Three independent game development studios are currently pitching around an idea for a new reality show - one that would put cameras inside the development process of a game from start to finish.