Marvel fans will get Avengers 3D glasses

Last week, we reported that audiences who hit AMC for the opening weekend of Star Wars: Episode 1 3D will receive special edition pod-racer goggle 3D specs.

First live opera to be filmed in 3D is on the way

It may seem like and old, antiquated form of entertainment to many, but the opera is about to prove it can still stay up-to-date with the world around it. On Saturday, dozens of movie theaters will air the opera Carmen live, in 3D, for the first time.

The biggest stakeholder in 3D movies: RealD

Quiz question: what is the only company that earns money on every single 3D movie ticket sale, almost irregardless of where the ticket is bought and what the film is? Answer: RealD, the company that brings 3D technology to every major theater in the US.

Optics company to release prescription 3D glasses

If you currently wear glasses, watching a 3D movie in theaters will soon be as simple as just looking at the screen.

RealD promotes 3D glasses for kids

RealD is apparently trying to cash in on the "Toy Story 3" craze by promoting kid-sized 3D glasses.