The Incredible Shrinking Man to return

The Incredible Shrinking Man is one of the best sci-fi film stories of the fifties, as it was penned by one of the best storytellers in the genre, Richard Matheson.

The real steel legends of Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson - author of the sci-fi Legend - hit his 86th birthday on February 20.

The new pieces of Real Steel on Blu-ray

Touchstone Entertainment has just released Real Steel on Blu-ray.

The legend of Real Steel's Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson is one of the top sci-fi, fantasy and horror storytellers around. 

On The Wolverine's uncontrollable rage

While out promoting Real Steel this weekend, Hugh Jackman described how the plot of The Wolverine will differ from previous X-Men films.

The sucker-punches of Real Steel

In the near future of Real Steel, human boxing has lost its appeal, and in its place has risen an industry of new warriors, those who build, train, and control humanoid robot boxers for the ring.

'Xbox 720' makes a cameo in Real Steel

There will surely be a successor to the Xbox 360, but what will it be called and when will it come out? Here's an answer from Hollywood.

Real Steel featurette explains robot boxing

Dreamworks recently released a featurette for their new film Real Steel. In this short video, star Hugh Jackman and Director Shawn Levy explain the background of the robot boxing movement featured in the tale.