Razer Ultrabook targets gamers

Razer clearly hearts gamers, having debuted a high-end Windows gaming tablet (Razer Edge) earlier this year, and quickly following up with a 14-inch Ultrabook that launched this week.

Razer gaming tablet garners mixed reviews

The review embargo has lifted on Razer's long-awaited ($1,000-$1,500) gaming tablet, and the reception has been somewhat less-than-stellar.

Pre-orders for Razer Edge Pro halted due to overwhelming demand

Razer's Project Fiona gaming tablet went up for pre-order earlier this month. However, pre-orders have now been put on hold due to overwhelming demand.

The Razer Edge of the Project Fiona tablet

Razer has been designing tricked-out gaming keyboards, mice and headsets for quite some time now. 

Video: Razer debuts $130 Orbweaver gaming keypad

Razer has introduced a slick Orbweaver gaming keypad priced at a cool $130.

Razer details slick Project Fiona gaming tablet

Not too long ago, Razer pledged to move forward with its Project Fiona gaming tablet - if the initiative received 10,000 Facebook likes.

The Razer Switchblade...this ain't your grandma's laptop

CES is always filled with the big expected products, the crazy concepts that would never work, the kind-of-exciting...and then the stuff that blows our minds. Here's something that falls into the last category.

Razer deploys Nostromo gaming keypad

Razer has deployed a sweet, tricked-out gaming keypad dubbed "Nostromo."