Invasion of the telepathic rats?

Two rats thousands of miles apart have successfully communicated through thought alone to solve a series of problems.

Video: Sixth sense rats touch the infrared light

Researchers at Duke University have managed to develop an experimental prototype that allows rats to "touch" invisible infrared light.

Animals focus smell as well as vision

Animals can focus their sense of smell in much the same way as humans focus their eyes, helping them detect predators and search out food.

Different memories stored in dead rats' brains

The neuroscience professor who three years ago succeeded in storing information in slices of brain tissue has now been able to do the same thing for different types of memory.

Parts of your brain could be sleeping right now

Um... what? Sorry. Now I know there was something I was going to tell you... Got it.

Rats better than people at diagnosing TB

Want to know if you've got TB? Just spit on a rat. A new study has shown that trained giant African rats are 44 percent better at detecting the disease than trained people using microscopy.