RISC OS hits Raspberry Pi

If you're a modder or dev who likes to play around with the Raspberry Pi, well, you may be glad to hear that there is yet another OS available for the little device.

OLinuXino dev board goes for less than $60

The OLinuXino may look a lot like the Raspberry Pi, but it boasts a faster processor, as well as additional integrated input and output ports. 

Picade is a tiny arcade enclosure for your Raspberry Pi

Relive your arcade gaming past with the Picade.

Raspberry Pi graphics source code is in the wild

Raspberry Pi gets more DIY friendly with graphics code in the open-source realm.

Raspberry Pi gets a Gertboard

Gertboards for the Raspberry Pi are shipping in the wild.

Raspberry Pi Model B doubles the RAM

The Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular dev boards on the market for both modders and mainstream tech enthusiasts.

Raspberry Pi hits the 1GHz turbo mode afterburners

The folks over at the Raspberry Pi Foundation have thus far supported modders who overclocked and overvolted the uber-mini devices, at least in principle. 

Modder creates the KindleBerry Pi

The KindleBerry Pi isn't exactly the most portable or practicle computer on the market, but it's sufficiently geeky.

Build your own supercomputer

Computational engineers at the UK's University of Southampton - along with a six-year-old boy - have built a supercomputer from 64 Raspberry Pi computers and Lego.

Raspberry Pi 2.0 spotted in the wild

The wildly popular $35 Raspberry Pi  made waves when it first launched in March.

This Raspberry Pi is a synthesizer

The Raspberry Pi is quickly finding its way into all sorts of devices, including fully-functioning media centers, model sailboats plying the stormy Atlantic and even a  remote-controlled truck equipped with a night vision video camera.

Turning the Raspberry Pi into a fully-functioning media center

The versatile $25-$35 Raspberry Pi has taken the developer and modder communities by storm in recent months.

Video: This Raspberry Pi conducts surveillance missions

The Raspberry Pi has tipped up in a number of geek-related projects, including one where the bare-bones board was selected to power a model sailboat across the stormy Atlantic Ocean.

This dual-core Android mini-PC has a $90 price point

The tech market is currently awash with a wide variety of uber-mini and inexpensive Android-powered PCs like the MK802, Cotton Candy, Raspberry Pi, Gooseberry and VIA’s APC.

Early Firefox OS build gets ported to Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is perhaps one of the most hackable and popular bare-bone boards to hit the market over the past year.

Raspberry Pi hits the afterburners with Raspbian OS

The bare-bones Raspberry Pi main-board has been in short supply since launch day due to overwhelming demand for the uber-mini $35 Android computer.

Video: Transporter Pi turns your TV into an Android display

E.S.R. Labs recently showcased the Android Transporter Pi, which allows you to use an HDTV as an external display for Android devices - without plugging an HDMI cable into a smartphone or tablet.

Raspberry Pi wants to sail across the Atlantic Ocean

The bare-bones Raspberry Pi mainboard is an interesting device that has won accolades from geeks and tech enthusiasts.

Motorola Lapdock turns tiny and cheap PCs into notebooks

If you enjoy computers and bare-bones hardware, odds are you've been keeping an eye on the tiny and cheap Raspberry Pi board.

Raspberry Pi gets initial support for Google's Chromium OS

If you're a fan of cheap and bare-bones computing, you probably have been coveting the petite and ultra low-priced Raspberry Pi.