Raspberry Pi kits to form drone shield

A US engineer is trying to sell the idea of an open source drone detection system built out of shedloads of Raspberry Pi kits.

Video: Model car controlled by Raspberry Pi and WebSphere

It seems like every time we turn around there's another incredibly cool project involving the uber-mini Raspberry Pi development board, like the retro gaming cabinet, Pi-to-Go, the Pi terminal and the Raspberry workstation.

UDOO is like a Raspberry Pi-Arduino mashup

An interesting new project has turned up on Kickstarter that DIY electronic enthusiasts will undoubtedly love.

Kindle hack turns reader into a wireless Raspberry Pi terminal

We've seen some really cool hacks for the Amazon Kindle family of digital readers over the years.

Emulate DOS on the Raspberry Pi

Not everyone will remember DOS – the operating system that dominated the world of the PC until Windows 95 came along.

A Raspberry Pi powers this Bartendro

One of the things that has always most impressed me about bartenders is that they  often remember all the components that go into the mixing of a specific drink off the top of their heads.

pcDuino is Adruino shield friendly

The pcDuino might look a lot like the Raspberry Pi, but the little white board has some interesting tricks up its sleeve that the Pi lacks.

Raspbmc for the Pi hits a stable 1.0

Have you purchased a Raspberry Pi recently, perhaps the $25 model A? If your goal is to transform the uber-mini dev-board into a small set top box or home theater PC, you might want to check out the latest version of the Raspbmc OS (1.0).

Minecraft released for Raspberry Pi - for free

Mojang has released a free version of its Minecraft game for the tiny, low-cost Raspberry Pi, letting players build virtual worlds on the cheap.

Stripped-down Raspberry Pi Model A priced at $25

The Raspberry Pi foundation has rolled out its new Model A uber-mini dev board priced at $25.

Google gives 15,000 Raspberry Pis to UK kids

Google is donating 15,000 Raspberry Pi computers to British schoolchildren in order to help them develop programming skills.

This mobile workstation is powered by a Raspberry Pi

We've seen the uber-mino Raspberry Pi power a wide variety of DIY projects, including the aptly named Lappi which transformed the popular dev board into a rather bulky laptop.

Turning the Raspberry Pi into a portable console

It seems like every time we turn around there's another incredibly cool project involving the uber-mini Raspberry Pi development board.

Raspberry Pi gets an app store

The little Raspberry Pi developer board has turned out to be a very popular device indeed.

Raspberry showcases Model A Pi board

The Raspberry foundation has confirmed that its first model A Pi units are rolling off the production line.

Raspberry Pi powers a pollution monitoring system

Nonprofit org uses Raspberry Pi and additional open-source components to monitor air pollution.

Retro gaming with Raspberry Pi uber-mini arcade cabinet

The slick Raspberry Pi developer board certainly isn't the most powerful computer on the market. In fact, it's downright underpowered when it comes to traditional gaming.

Minecraft is headed to the Raspberry Pi!

Minecraft: Pi Edition will make the Raspberry Pi one of the cheapest game development platforms around.

Raspberry Pi powers this wearable computer

A wearable computer is quite an intriguing concept for modders, hackers and general tech enthusiasts. 

LapPi is a DIY Raspberry laptop

Are you a modder with a spare Raspberry Pi dev board? If so, you might want to check out the LapPi mod.