Candy cane lights controlled by Raspberry Pi

Here's some holiday cheer for everyone: a Raspberry Pi lightshow like no other.

Former Journalist Creates A Homebrew Computer Buildable in 107 Seconds

Using Raspberry Pi as a platform, a company called Kano wants to be the Ikea of computers: cheap, self-built, and global. (Let’s hope the instructions are better.)

Raspberry Pi Halloween Effects Door

The Raspberry Pi Powered Halloween Effects Door. This is a video capture during one of the routines. (via Cabe)Backyard haunted houses, carving pumpkins, elaborate decorations, jumping out to scare trick-or-treaters; Halloween is packed with the DIY spirit. People’s desire to be scared or scare others is primal. It’s ...

How to Build an Internet Controlled Whoopee Cushion

So, the idea is pretty simple.We run a server program on the raspberry pi.This program will respond to commands that we send it.In this case, we only need one command: fart.Then we hide the raspberry pi next to a family member, friend, coworker, etc. and tell the raspberry ...

Monsieur robotic bartender automates mixed drinks with a tap of a finger

The Raspberry Pi-powered Bartendro cocktail mixing bot proved so popular that it easily reached its $135,000 Kickstarter goal. 

ModMyPi: how one student turned over £867,000 ($1.3m) selling Raspberry Pi cases

Last year, Jacob Marsh was 23 years old and in the final year ofhis Civil Engineering Masters degree at Exeter University. Hehadn\\'t previously shown any entrepreneurial zeal and was set on arelatively safe and straightforward career building bridges.But on 29 February 2012, the Raspberry Pi Computer went on ...

Raspberry Pi Project: Dedicated Speech Synthesizer without GUI

A few months ago, I made my Raspberry Pi into a dedicated speech synthesizer. Here are some of my blog posts: Now, I have given my Raspberry Pi to my 13 year old nephew, Josh, as I now have the BeagleBone Black. I'm also continuing my speech ...

Raspi Bitcoin miner may just pay for itself eventually

We’re sure a lot of people out there have a Raspberry Pi or two lying around waiting for a project to come to mind.[Dave] has an interesting solution to this orphaned hardware – use it to mine Bitcoins and perhaps put a few extra bucks in your pocket ...

Raspberry Pi Camera Module Review and Tutorial Guide

The Raspberry Pi Camera Board has finally landed after many months of anticipation. The module aims to inspire thousands of custom photo and video based projects from makers around the world.Personally I have been waiting on my module ever since it was first announced. Fortunately being a member ...

Behold, the 'Picrowave'. A Raspberry Pi Enabled Microwave

A voice activated, Raspberry Pi controlled microwave that scans the cooking instructions from the bar code of your food. Oh, did I mention it TALKS too? New Zealand based developer, Nathan Broadbent was inspired by a post on Reddit which said QR codes should instruct microwaves on how to ...

Self-contained time-lapse rig braves elements from thirty feet

Perspective is a bit hard to grasp in this image, but all of this hardware is mounted thirty feet above the ground. This time-lapse photography box makes use of the sun and a Raspberry Pi to document the goings on. The rig is one of three that were ...

Video: RAPIRO is a humanoid robot kit for the Raspberry Pi

RAPIRO - designed by Shota Ishiwatari - is described by its creator as a "cute and affordable robot" kit designed to work with a Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi goes XBMC

Element 14 has debuted a media center starter kit for the Raspberry Pi - making it easy for users to hook the uber-mini system up to an HDMI display.

How to turn a Raspberry Pi into a portable Tor proxy (Onion Pi)

We all know that Prism is most likely just the tip of the snooping iceberg. While some of us may run Tor on our PC or Mac, there may be times when when we are working on a device that is not our own, or perhaps even a Chromebook, tablet or phone.

Video: LEGO bricks with a Raspberry Pi brain

BrickPi - which recently surfaced on Kickstarter - is a platform that converts a standard Raspberry Pi into a robot.

Video: This handheld game console is powered by a Raspberry Pi

Veteran hardware modder Ben Heck has created a slick handheld gaming console powered by the $35 Raspberry Pi.

Video: Raspberry Pi camera gets night vision

So the long-awaited Raspberry Pi camera finally became available to the DIY community earlier this month.

Remixing Fedora for the Raspberry Pi

Unsurprisingly, the Fedora flavor of Linux was one of the first third-party operating unofficially ported to the $35 Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi camera module goes live

One of the most popular hardware products for modders and DIY enthusiasts is the Raspberry Pi.

Introducing the water-cooled Raspberry Pi

Using water and other liquids like nitrogen to cool an overclocked computer or gaming rig is nothing new.