Amazon trees could survive global warming

Some good news, for a change: a new genetic analysis indicates that many Amazon tree species are likely to survive global warming in the coming century, contrary to previous findings.

Exploring the rainforest without touching the ground

There are any number of reasons you might want to spend some time in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

Ewok treehouse goes green

If you ever had a tree house as a kid, or saw The Return of the Jedi, or both, chances are, you’ve dreamed of a tree house village. 

Humans helped wipe out African rainforest

The widespread disappearance of rainforest in central Africa 3,000 years ago may have been caused by human activity.

Plastic-eating fungus could help deal with landfill

A team from Yale University has discovered a fungus deep in the South American rainforest that can live entirely on plastic - offering hope for new methods of waste disposal.

Ken dumps Barbie over rainforest destruction

We've had Barbie the princess, Barbie the doctor, and now we've a new model - Barbie the evil tiger killer.

Amazon forest becoming less green

Satellite data is revealing an Amazon rainforest that's decidedly less green than usual, showing the catastrophic effects of last year's record-breaking drought.

2010 drought could presage end of Amazon carbon sink

Two 'once-in-a-century' droughts have hit the Amazon rainforest in just five years, scientists say, removing the region's ability to act as a carbon sink.