Bring your umbrella to Saturn

A new study tracking the "rain" of charged water particles into the atmosphere of Saturn has found there is more of it and it falls across larger areas of the planet than previously thought.

Video: This is how your brain is disassembled and reassembled

Using bioluminescent proteins from a jellyfish, a team of researchers recently managed to light up the interior of a neuron - capturing video footage depicting the movement of proteins throughout the cell.

Smart headlights shine around the rain

Imagine driving at night in a rainstorm - but still being able to see clearly, with the raindrops almost invisible.

Icy moon rains water onto Saturn

ESA’s Herschel space observatory has solved the 14-year mystery of where the water in Saturn's upper atmosphere comes from - it's being expelled from the planet's moon Enceladus.

Why does it rain more near airports?

Areas around airports experience more rain and snow, say researchers, as planes trigger precipitation by flying through clouds.

It's spring on Titan, and it's raining methane

Liquid methane has been raining down on Titan, say NASA scientists, who have observed the equatorial weather on Saturn's largest moon for the first time.

Chance observation solves mystery of 'hole-punch' clouds

Strange circular holes in clouds which have frequently led to speculation about UFOs are caused by nothing more mysterious than aircraft, a study has shown - and they can cause several inches of snow or rain too.   

Helium falls like rain on Jupiter

New research suggests that it's raining helium in the interior of Jupiter. UC Berkeley scientists reckon this is the best way to explain why there's so much less neon in the outer layers of the planet than predicted.