Uncharted PlayStation Game to Get the Big Screen Treatment

Uncharted is the PlayStation game that focuses on Nathan Drake, a heroic treasure hunter. Treasure hunters have often been big box office, Raiders of the Lost Ark comes to mind, and now Uncharted is one of many big video game titles that’s up for the big screen treatment.

Happy Birthday Steven Spielberg

When Steven Spielberg first broke through in the movie biz, it was inconceivable that somebody that young could be a director. And indeed, this was a period when young people were finally breaking through in Hollywood and telling their own stories, and the big Spiel made his mark pretty early.

Steven Spielberg may go IMAX 3D for Robopocalypse

We recently reported that the classic Raiders of the Lost Ark will have a one week run in IMAX.

Sci-fi movie auction madness

There have been several movie prop auctions in recent memory that turned up incredible stuff for the genre movie buffs with lots of cash.

On Star Trek II and sell through videos

Several months back, we ran a story about Thriller being one of the first sell through video that brought VHS prices down to earth.

The $80,000 Indiana Jones whip

Indiana Jones’s whip, the sole survivor out of six that were crafted for Raiders of the Lost Ark, will go up at auction on June 26 via Bonhams in L.A.

Raiders of the Lost Ark turns 30

Hate to make anyone feel old, myself included, but Raiders of the Lost Ark is now thirty years old. 

I can still remember seeing it at my local movie theater, which has long been demolished, and all the related hubbub the movie created when it came out.