Pulsar shows puzzling behavior

Astronomers are baffled by the discovery of a pulsar - a tiny spinning stars, heavier than the sun and smaller than a city - that emits different types of radiation at different times.

Team identifies auroras outside our solar system

University of Leicester planetary scientists believe they've found the first clear evidence that auroras occur outside our solar system.

Apple eyes web radio service

Apple's reported to be preparing to launch a Pandora-style streaming service, possibly as soon as the end of the year.

The demise of modern rock radio

I can’t remember the last time I’ve listened to regular rock radio, primarily because it’s the same tired old songs, over and over again. 

All science, all the time

Curious about the latest innovations in biofuels and nanotech? Wondering what they’re cooking up these days at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory? 

"Facebook" & "Twitter" no longer welcome on French airwaves

The French have banned the words "Facebook" and "Twitter" on TV and radio.

Analysis: It’s confirmed, radio is full of voice actors and fake calls

Have you heard an interesting on-air call on a radio show recently? It probably wasn’t real.

First complete millimeter-scale computing system created

An implantable eye pressure monitor for glaucoma patients is believed to contain the first complete millimeter-scale computing system.

Massive solar flare hits Earth tonight

The biggest solar flare in four years has blasted out from the sun, and is expected to reach Earth late tonight.

Internet did not kill the radio star

Radio survived talkies and television, and now it's actually doing OK in the Internet age. 

In fact, the medium is taking advantage of the Internet, as evidenced by the new Contour Internet-connected digital radio that Pure brought to the Consumer Electronics Show.

Solar blast on its way towards Earth

A large sunspot has erupted, sending a coronal mass ejection hurtling towards Earth.

ESA battles against illegal radio broadcasts

The European Space Agency (ESA) has embarked on a crusade to get rid of illicit radio broadcasts that are interfering with its observations.

Microsoft refreshes Zune HD lineup

Microsoft has refreshed its Zune HD lineup with the addition of a new 64GB Zune HD model priced at $350.

Electronics nerd controls '69 Pontiac GTO with Apple iPod

A self-described electronics nerd has designed a system known as "RedEye" to remotely control his '69 Pontiac's ignition, radio and doors with an iPod Touch.