Hyundai's T10 tablet is powered by a quad-core Exynos processor

Hyundai recently debuted a quad-core Android tablet. Boasting a 10-inch screen, the T10 can be thought of as the big brother to the T7 we discussed back in January.

Nvidia debuts Project Kal-El in Barcelona

Nvidia has debuted its next-gen quad-core mobile processor at MWC. Dubbed "Project Kal-El," the chip was showcased running in an Android tablet that rendered high-res video games and streamed 1440p video content on a 2560x1600 panel.

Commodore Rising

Once upon a time there was a little 8-bit computer called a Commodore64. It was the biggest selling computer of 1982. It played very cool games. It didn't live happily ever after so, it's baaaack!