Analyst: RIM must split to save itself

A prominent analyst believes the ailing Research in Motion (RIM) should be split into two parts: a phone business and a network operations division.

RIM argues back against disgruntled employee

RIM's been forced to defend itself after an open letter purporting to be written by a member of the company's senior management was published online.

RIM's PlayBook in epic battery fail

Somewhere, Steve Jobs is surrounded by hundreds of iPads and laughing at RIM's epic PlayBook battery fail.

Blackberry Playbook OS will go to Blackberry phones

The software that will power Blackberry's upcoming tablet device is also soon going to power future Blackberry phones, manufacturer Research in Motion has reportedly said.

Report: QNX Software to power RIM's BlackPad

An advanced operating system developed by QNX Software will reportedly power RIM's future BlackPad tablet.